"For about 6 months I had mid back pain and stiffness and headaches which would affect my exercise routine, sleep and overall mood. Also my child has suffered from constipation issues for years. After receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Ken I am sleeping better and back to my normal activities. My child has also benefited from care, he “goes” more regularly."

- Erica C.

"For about 5 or 6 years I suffered lower back pain and stress which I carry between my shoulders. I would just suffer through the back pain and that would make me more and more crabby at home. I have had some set backs that have taken my treatments to concentrate on different areas of my back, but we are on the right treatment path. Dr. Ken & Dr. Jason are both very patient and kind."

- Michelle G.

"I have had lower back, right hip, and leg pain for over three years. I couldn’t walk up or down stairs, stand for long periods, walk very far, or rollover in bed. I was seeing two different chiropractors, but they were not helping. My son recommended coming here. After seeing Dr. Ken for chiropractic care, I have been feeling much better! I am walking better, can stand for long periods of time and can move around a lot more. I am improved so much."

- Lori S.

"I have had neck, middle back and lower back pain for 40 years. For a long time I just dealt with it, then the pain and discomfort started to affect my life. After seeing Dr. Ken it has helped a lot and kept me mobile."

- Shirley C.

"I had severe pain my shoulder going down my arm to my wrists for about five of six months. It was on my right side and I’m right handed so it was totally debilitating, the pain was excruciating and I had extreme loss of movement and strength. I went to 4 specialists in Iowa City and they didn’t help at all. Chiropractic is the only thing that has helped with my range of motion; I can write some now, hold eating utensils, dress myself and open doors! Dr. Ken & the staff are the only ones who cared enough to listen!"

- Gracie M.

"I have been going to Alternative Wellness & Chiropractic for a long time, since it was Cadogan, for practical health and wellness care. Most recently my elbow was in a lot of pain and it affected everything I did on a daily basis. The next day I was completely pain free!"

- Sally E.

"I have been suffering from migraines for 15 years and half of the time I couldn’t move, work, or eat, but now I don’t have to worry about that any more. Coming here helped reduce the pain. So now my migraines only stay one day and not five days."

- Tangie K.

"I was having problems with my lower back for about two months. It was hard to get up and down out of chairs, and it was difficult to do my job. After several visits to Dr. Ken my back feels great!"

- Marty M.

"I was having trouble with my neck & shoulder. I tried ice and not to do shoulder exercises; more or less babied it. I had been suffering for several months, I had trouble sleeping and doing everyday normal things. I now have more movement with my shoulder, I’m sleeping better and can do my normal jobs again."

- Lori M.

"I had experienced severe whiplash and back pain from a car accident. I dealt with the injury for about 2 years, but it started affecting my performance at work. It also hindered my ability to workout, which had been an important part of my life for many years. After being treated for about 6 months, I was able to begin working out on a regular basis again. Also, I no longer experience the back and neck pain or the headaches which I had grown accustomed to."

- Gary J.

"I was suffering for years with major vertigo and neck pain. I was “spinning” several times per day and it was causing headaches and exhaustion. I feel like a new person & am enjoying not “spinning” every day."

- Susan G.

"I was having lower back pain and neck pain. I would just try to deal with it and that made it worse. After a couple months of this pain I couldn’t stand it any longer. After being treated by Dr. Ken I am no longer having neck pain any more and can enjoy more time with my kids."

- Kayla R.

"I had a work related accident and wrenched my back. I went to Alternative Wellness & Chiropractic Center (then Cadogan) soon afterward and they helped me feel better right away, and I’ve still been going to Cadogan for the past 14 years. My life’s been improved, not having to be in pain."

- Anna H.

"I’ve had lower back pain for for a number of years, it affected my ability to stand straight, walk or exercise. I have taken Tylenol and seen a medical doctor for my pain but none helped in the long run. Chiropractic has helped a great deal. I can workout and play golf. Lower back pain has gone away."

- Jerry S.

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